IntroNet is a mobile and web based app that makes it super easy for you to connect two or more people that you know.

This is a startup company I conceived to help solve a problem related to my connecting entrepreneurs to resources who could help them. There are lots of people like me who are very active in helping others get connected to resources. Each of us operate in our own silo, sometimes working on causes that we might share, but never having visibility into common connections we’re making through the introductions we generate.

IntroNet is still early stage. Our first version is a tool that anyone who makes lots of introductions will value. But as we refine our features and scale the user base, we steadily work towards that bigger picture of helping connectors deliver value to their common groups, companies or organizations by selectively sharing visibility into each other’s introductions.

At scale, IntroNet will help groups, companies or organizations build a network map of resources and relationships that can deliver value to any participating member of the collective.

If you think through the common threads that run across my activities, it is not hard to see why I am excited about the impact that IntroNet will bring someday across a broad range of social causes. Getting the right people connected is not just about spurring entrepreneurship, but is also at the origin of how most of the significant things in this world begin getting traction.

I’m interested in people who:

  • Are active connectors that would like to test our IntroNet app so they can save time and increase the number and quality of their introductions
  • Identify with our mission and may know someone who could be a good fit for our team or possible channel partner
  • Are running organizations where having greater visibility to the introductions of their members would be valued;

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