My entrepreneurial journey officially launched when I founded TriNet in 1988. I served as CEO for the company’s first 20 years and Chairman till 2010. Before TriNet, I worked as a human resources manager for Navy Exchanges and enjoyed assignments in New York, New England, Seattle, Japan, Italy and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Playing a role in TriNet’s growth from startup to $1 billion+ in revenue has been a life shaping experience that now drives much of my other activities. Not just the experience of building a big company, but also personally benefitting from the Silicon Valley environment in ways which I now share with others through my activities across multiple causes and geographies.

In addition to TriNet, I am involved with a range of activities that tend to involve building scalable mechanisms to help entrepreneurs get connected to the resources who can help them. Principal activities include:

Common threads across multiple activities

Time leverage is something I’m always looking for more of.

I’ve found that one of the best ways to get that leverage is to work on things (and with people) having common threads across several of my activities. As an example, finding startup teams, mentors or investors for StartFast Venture Accelerator also supports my goals within Upstate Venture Connect. Similarly, the IntroNet platform may be deployed across several of my activities.

You may come into contact with me because of one of these activities, and after browsing through some of my other things going on perhaps you’ll find we have more in common than you thought.

If so, – bring it up to my attention. Bingo! We then have some time leverage and can help each other on two or more fronts. And hey – this is also a nice way to deepen a relationship even further. That’s fun.