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My goal here is to help create jobs and economic self sufficiency in under developed countries where there is high poverty.

I‘ve been working for several years building a network of resources in Jamaica. Am now concurrently constructing a platform and process that curates and connects aspiring and first time entrepreneurs there with resources who can help – both local and from the U.S.

Lots of relationships and lessons learned in building entrepreneurial community here in the U.S. are proving to be very useful in this journey.

I am truly passionate about the country and Jamaican people. It is the perfect location to pilot this initiative.

I’m interested in people who:

  • Are seasoned entrepreneurs (or entrepreneur community supporters) that want to make a difference in an under developed country
  • Have a passion for the country of Jamaica – including those who are either connected there already or want to learn more

Visit Jamaica Entrepreneurs Network to register for getting on my mailing list for this initiative.


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