UpVentures Capital

UpVentures is my portfolio of early stage private equity investments in high growth, new industry companies.

I make 3-5 new startup investments per year ranging in size from $25,000 – $150,000. Typically I am in the first round of equity financing a startup receives, and in many cases then play a role in helping the company get connected to other sources of capital.

In addition to my individually selected portfolio, I am a Limited Partner in several seed and venture capital funds, some of which I helped start or serve in an advisory capacity. I find that participating across a range of smaller funds helps me see a variety of investor decision filters, get visibility to quality deal flow and also tap into an extended network of relationships that are beneficial to the companies I am helping.

Many of my startup investments are in companies based in Upstate New York. I am also active in NY Metro, Silicon Valley and occasionally other areas.

I’m interested in people who:

  • May have interest in partnering with any of the companies in the UpVentures portfolio

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